Master turns the  women into  hot sex starved nymphos loving the pain. The human experiments begin by inducing the Female Dominatrix and the Female Submissive with high doses of sexual stimulants that drive them both insane driving them both to want it while the dripping wet panties begin to soak.  The mix takes effect increasing arousal and lubrication, strengthens desire and sexual energy, heightens sensual pleasure,  Intensifies pleasurable sensations. The topless woman is chained up, extremely hot and horny from the masters concoction.  After the effects of the potion works it's magic the Insanely horny Dominatrix is let loose on the victim who hangs begging and yearning for more.  As the punishment increases the potion escalates and the with a no pain tolerance limit the chained woman still asks for more while un able to catch a breath. The victim never wanting the intense seduction and deep penetrating punches to end, she breaks free of her chains and still begs and pleas for more abuse and sexual contact from the completely excited punish-er. Testing two woman by inducing them with a mix of enhancers and stimulants. The mind and body altered woman is chained up until her private area and panties become soaking wet and she needs to be touched or she will go completely crazy.  Punched and seduced into multiple orgasms the victim only feels pleasure. The female puncher and seducer is released on the victim while Dungeon master supervises close by. Dungeon master completes his test with success and calls it leaving the STILL begging horny woman on the floor in her mind and body altered state, willing to die loving it.  Multi Camera Views with Superior Audio sound.

33 Minutes. 789 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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