Tina Mai Easily Corrupted by Ava. Ava's finds Tina in a club after she made a facebook post about being into girls and being punched in the stomach and liking it. Tina goes home with Ava and falls asleep on the couch. Ava wakes Tina and they both instantly became sexually turned on. The punches in the stomach that they both deliver to each other get them even more aroused.  Both girls are punched into orgasm and Ava's new recruit quickly becomes addicted to belly punching sex. This was very nicely done with TWO HD cameras and pro audio sound. Both camera views of this super hot erotic stomach punching and sex video are well edited together and offered in super clear HD with a large viewing size. Please welcome Tina Mai a brand new girl and her very first video production. The chemistry between Ava and Tina couldn't be better.  

37 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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