Executing Honey - Clear HD:  Honey Malone takes a different approach to feel the power. To break down her abdominal wall and feel the pain. This is not a contest against the Traumatizer as the Traumatizer will ALWAYS win!. This is a full on challenge of endurance and a test of pain tolerance. The Operator plays mind games with Honey scaring her and catching her with her guard down to deep penetrate her un-flexed ABS. Honey fights off the super deep blows by flexing one the solid lead filled cannon ball is deep inside her stomach.  The ball is fired  precisely and multiple PSI levels hitting high, low and dead on center systematically breaking her down to not being able to flex for impact. Nicely edited with two HD camera views and pro audio sound. Clear HD with brilliant colors and perfect lighting.

26 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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