The chains rattle as the tension builds, In the evaluation room she waits. The examination will not be of the norm, as this unlucky victim is in for the stomach pounding of her life. Evaluating her is one who will be sure to destroy and completely bust the tough belly sticking upward and wide open from the underlying cushions that make that white stomach soon to be red. Raised upward and vulnerable with no restrictions, no limits and no mercy will be administered this stomach, lower belly, mid section and upper solar plexus most definitely become busted, sore and tender. Rapid punches, hard punches, deep punches even stomps with break down this woman and leave her completely numb. With lower belly rapid punches her panties become soaked, she has passed her evaluation and is ready for anything that will come her way. Left soaking wet and destroyed within she is left wondering what will happen next. Two camera views nicely edited together, superior audio sound and pro lighting with brilliant colors.

36 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview.
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