BUSTED BREATHLESS: Busting a wide open flat sexy stomach deep and hard - NON RESTRAINED, NO GAGS, NO BLINDFOLDS. LILY SURRENDERS HER BELLY AT FREE WILL. Sticking her belly up and outward to invite the puncher she is winded severely as she gasps for air from deep blows that take her breath away.  Covers all areas of belly, lower mid and upper. Punches timed for effectiveness. Male puncher, Full power, timed punched for effective penetration deep while UN-flexed.  Flexed Hard abs get PUNCHED RAPIDLY UNTIL SOFT THEN POWER HIT TO severely wind..  POWERFUL DEEP PUNCHES causing clutching of the stomach as un-able to catch a breath. LOWER BELLY completely worked over to maximum capability. PUNCHED HARD deep into the belly button with steel ball destroying her belly button. Moving on to her mid and upper ABS her solar plexus is massively punched hard giving the most intense reactions. LILY clutches her stomach tighter then ever while breathless from the deep blows that sink in so far that the clutched hand disappears up to the wrist. Her private area touched a few times for distraction catching her off guard and not able to withstand the blunt depth the silent winded reactions leave her clutching her belly while suffering the for the full amount of time it takes for her to gasp for a breath.  OPEN BELLY BUSTING AT FREE WILL.
Stretching that stomach wide open to the puncher making flexing of the ABS difficult. LILY's FIRST ever FREE WILL PUNCHES, total abdominal destruction and reactions from stomach busting blows that are mind blowing. OPEN BELLY CHALLENGE!  Very nicely edited with two HD camera views, Superior lighting and Pro Audio Sound all from stable mounted tripods.

39 Minutes. 877 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview
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