Joy Comes to the studio and waits in the guest room for Vanity and Storm. Joy would like to make new friends and has hopes to impress the fans. Joy is tested for the fans approval. Joy is worked over as she continues to laugh well into her audition until one of the hardest female punchers steps up the intensity. Reality sets in after she is broken in and busted. With a totally demolished stomach and destroyed belly button she is worked over even harder until she goes down without a smile on her pretty face. Joy did extremely well holding up to Vanity's deepest blows that turn her sexy soft belly purple and red, even getting back up on her own for another round! But of course the constant pounding wears her down to tears and the laughing stops. Captured with two HD cameras mounted on fixed tripods nicely edited together for multi views in professional lighting and superior audio sound. 

29 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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