Traumatizer -vs- Miley: The dungeon master Sets up  Miley for stomach demolition with some good deep penetrating shots that actually rock the wall that this sexy hot victim is restrained to.  Low blows, belly button shots, and a total mid and upper abdominal work over. Miley stays very quiet while taking the pressurized impacts which sometimes linger deep within. Miley trying desperately not to show fear as the Traumatizer's lead filled cannon ball sinks in with ease Miley's sexy belly is impacted over and over. Miley attempts to flex but is no match as the operator cranks up the power sending the speeding tool of destruction home as it is precisely aimed for maximum effectiveness. Mileys soft stomach can not flex fast enough to resist the perfectly designed monster and wins again. Miley while attempting to hide the pain has enough and the Dungeon Master leaves her in sever agony.

32 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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