LOVE ME HARDER -  Controversy returns to punish Lily just the way she likes to be punished. Lily sets herself in place and taunts Controversy into beating her. Controversy sure gives Lily exactly what she asked for and demolished her stomach beat red and swollen. Lily was punched and beaten so bad she broke the restraining wall. Controversy delivering right and left punches so deep and hard that submissive Lily's belly became so swollen as Controversy targets the lower belly, Direct blows into the belly button, mid and upper punches so hard and deep, and Of course destroying the solar plexus with multiple direct impacts. Lily is busted and broken into subspace taking every single deep impact with love. Love me harder as Controversy goes all out on Lily with a smile. Controversy owns her pain slut Lily  with pleasure as Lily loves it even more as the bare hand penetrates breaking down the abdominal wall. Lily sticks her belly outward taunting her punisher and while staying UN-Flexed she gets winded. Lily's ABS are visible when flexed to maximum capability and the no mercy Dominatrix bounce her bare knuckles off with the loudest thud sounds. This was very nicely done with two camera views on steady tripods in clear HD with the professional lighting and superior pro audio sound.

22 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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