"GODDESSES OF LUST: Laying in bed, daydreaming as her fingers trace the contours of her lean belly, the fire goddess stirs, looking up as the awaited goddess of the stars descends at last.  Eyes meet for the first time, the slender fingers of one hand twine through flaming hair, drawing their lips together, as the other hand covers the fire goddess between her legs -- a loving caress before the lust flashes through the star goddess, forcing her to act, to penetrate the beauty welcoming her, beginning the eternal torment and surrender of their love.   Lexus and Phoenix are finally paired in a long-anticipated duet of exquisite erotic punching.  Again and again, the blonde goddess Lexus drives her fist deep into the welcoming seat of Phoenix's deepest desires, as the fire goddess arches upward in ecstasy to meet the blows, teasing, begging, and gasping in pleasure and pain -- welcoming all as the lust consumes both of them.  Ecstasy consumes the Phoenix repeatedly, from the deep punches plunging into her, to the kisses and caresses of the irresistible Lexus.  Erotic punching and the worship of one spectacular goddess for another equally-breathtaking goddess, make this experience an unforgettable treasure to see." Very nicely done with two camera views mounted on a steady tripod, Pro audio sound and pro lighting.

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