Phoenix Captured: Chained and restrained, beat to a pulp, hair pulling for control, choking for discipline. Hard stomach punching. Blindfold on and off, sucker punched for maximum effectiveness. This redhead Goddess is worked over while restrained and UN-able to fight back. Phoenix is NOT able to block the blows that penetrate deep into her ABS. Phoenix tried hard to stay flexed throughout the no mercy pounding but of course her ABS weakened and the punches impact deeply after wearing her down. Phoenix gets fresh at times and is punished by taking even harder gabs into the pit of her sexy mid-section. Blindfolded, hair pulled, choked and punched in the stomach all at the same time pushes her to the limits as the bat just pisses her off even more. Phoenix hot and wet, destroyed within is at the total mercy of her tormenting attacker who works her into a sweating fit. No talking, No story-line, A non-stop belly beating and a stomach punching beat-down working over all of her mid-section.    Very well done with multi camera views, superior pro audio sound and professional lighting, HD Cameras mounted on steady tripod.

31 Minutes. 697 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview
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