JEMMA'S BELLYACHE: This HOT MILF with a bellyache so bad, the suffering woman surrenders herself belly up exposing her stomach to a male puncher. With a severe aching stomachache Jemma starts out in excruciating pain. Holding her stomach with the most extreme belly pain Jemma wants it go away. The pain is so bad Jemma asks for help. Attempting to work Jemmas hurting belly she is literately punched the stomach deep and hard  with such brutal force. Pushing, pressing and punching, the pain is so bad that Jemma  cries out in agony clutching her stomach the entire time. Not able to withstand the pain any longer, she lays belly up in the bed exposing her bare stomach for a punishment worse then the pain she already is feeling. To begin-with the lightest touch to her belly hurts so much that a punch would absolutely be devastating.  Jemma's belly was beat, punched, pressed and pushed on until the unbearable stomachache was overcome by the more painful impacts of many deep punches. Very nicely done with multi camera views, mounted on steady tripods, superior audio sound and pro lighting.

32 Minutes. 720 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.
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