Standing before us at 5'8" in a beautiful dress is our Kay (AKA Kayla). Kay has been doing exercises toning up and is now ready to be tested. Kay's beautiful sexy soft stomach is exposed and ready to be hammered. The extreme stomach pummeling continues throughout with and without a blind-fold. Kay goes down a few times to recover from the intense punches. Quickly she rises lifting her dress for more extreme abuse to her swollen red sexy stomach. Kay's belly is totally busted with the solid lead ball that impacts deep into the pit of her soft belly. After a while, Kay's abs are so beat she is unable to stay flexed and the punches go deeper. Sensational reactions and stunning recoveries after each blow. This is nicely done with 2 HD cameras mounted on fixed tripods with superior audio sounds and pro lighting.

40 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free Preview.
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