LILY: Multi views, HD cameras mounted on fixed tripods. Superior Pro audio sound and lighting. Nicely Edited together.  Lily is caught Off-guard as the surprise jabs sink deep completely winding her at times.  Lily Recovers soon as possible from each deep blow and opens up her stomach for another punch to land extremely deep and hard.  Beautiful LILY is nicely dressed taking the impacts with her dress down and also up showing her sexy flat stomach. Blind-folds go on and off at times. Perfect reactions and recovery after perfectly timed punches. The punches land while Lily is UN-flexed and this sexy woman does her best not to go down. When Lily does eventually go down she goes down hard gasping for a breath.  All areas of Lily's sexy belly is targeted and destroyed while she takes it like a champion.

35 Minutes. 784 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.
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