RACKED 1: Dungeon Master Cranks Lily on the stretch Rack and totally destroys her sexy flat stomach. EXTREME flexing and UN-flexing is clearly visible before during and after the hardest blows sink in. Low, med, and upper punches penetrate Lily's abs deeply as she is cranked tighter. Lily Flexes her abdominal muscles, sticks out her wide open mid section for extremely deep blows into the pit of her stomach. Lily also UN-Flexes and waits for the Dungeon master to knock the wind out of her. Lily is knocked breathless many times from UN-flexed perfectly timed shots that rock the wall on each impact. As Lily's belly recovers another perfectly aimed deep one is driven in hard. Nicely Done with Two HD camera views mounted on fixed tripods. pro lighting and superior Audio sound quality.

30 Minutes. 676 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.
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