VOMIT, PUKING,  Throwing-up Addition. OCC - OPEN CASTING CALL - DREAM DOLL: Lexus working the office during which time Dream Doll answers the Casting Call ad. Lexus has the Beautiful  and Tone 21 yr old sign in. Lexus Punches her in the stomach repeatedly. Dream Doll takes the punches one after the next, she does very well taking the blows into her perfect tone belly. Lexus targets her all of the tone sexy stomach in all the areas, Upper, mid and lower. DD clutches her stomach and goes down a few times while Lexus steps up the game and really send some deep one into the pit of her stomach. Again doubling over in pain the 130 lb standing at a perfect 5' 7" goes down and hits the floor gasping for air. This winded gasping young lady starts to vomit and throws-up on the floor. "Throw - Up" and "puking" in this version) (see video clip titled 'DREAM DOLL" for non-vomit addition). Lexus has the sick hurting woman stand back up for some final punches that bring her down again to the floor. Lexus leaves the young lady writhing in pain on the floor hoping that the fans like her.
Nicely done with 2 HD camera views mounted on steady tripods, Superior Audio and lighting.

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