Introducing FEARLESS. These two super hotties hold hands to support one another as we test to see if Fearless compares to one of fans favorites Phoenix. Side by side they stand ready to take it in the stomach for the full duration. Both beautiful and very fit young ladies take the equal amount endurance testing. Will our new addition to the studio and will this first timer new girl remain standing and not go down? Can she handle it? Can she take it? Will she quit before Phoenix does? Fearless vs Phoenix (Visionless Blows style) Let's you honestly see very clearly how tough she actually is and how well she takes having her ABS worked over . Both fine ladies take an equal amount of mid - section blows as they attempt to flex, the blindfolds really tell it like it is as it keeps them from flexing in-time to resist the impacts. Will the newest girl named Fearless become a fans favorite? Two Camera views mounted on steady tripods nicely edited together with pro audio sound and lighting.

25 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free Preview
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