Boom Sticking Sreetwalker: The Abdominal flexing is on even more. Harder and Deeper causing severe Abdominal flexing Streetwalker has one of the HARDEST and tone set of ABS. The super tight stomach is hard as a rock and very solid. Applying  the BOOM STICK with more  pressure to her solid Abdominal wall. The solid lead filled wood ball just the correct size to strain, strengthen and mass squeeze her perfect stomach causing her to " FLEX OUT" Crushing her Upper, mid and lower belly with shear compression at times thrusting the load deep as the ABS fight to flex out the heaviness and weight of the pulsation thump. Abdominal distress and bellyache make flexing difficult while molestation throbbing impact driving the stomach muscles to give in to the pulsation and rhythm of the hand operated Boom Stick.  Two HD camera views mounted on steady tripods, pro audio sound and lighting.

38 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview.
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